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QBE identified the need for faster access to information and more cost effective records management. The firm needed three months of live claims files scanned, and the implementation of capture process for all future claims documents arriving at their mailroom.


By combining the core element of document capture, with the popular concept of service outsourcing, Capital Capture designed a tailored outsourced digital mailroom. The physical elements of the service were installed on QBE’s premises, enabling the firm to retain full oversight of the daily processes, but uses Capital Capture’s secure remote infrastructure in its entirety to host the service.


Initially, Capital Capture carried out the conversion of the relevant claims files. Then, along with QBE’s European Operations team, the business processes were designed to integrate the digital mailroom seamlessly with QBE’s existing claims management processes.


As a result QBE has seen that document capture outsourcing not only significantly reduces capital expenditure but also removes the burden of system ownership, and up-scaling or down-scaling of the size and location of the service is straightforward.


By working with Capital Capture, QBE has provided its claims teams and customers with a highly efficient and user friendly service.